Monday, May 28, 2012

Studies Show Only Few Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

In a recent article found on the Social Media B2B blog (click here for the blog site) entitled “Only 13% of B2B marketers drive leads using social media,” the author shows some statistics of activity used for b2b lead generation. According to their study, only a small number of companies use social media as their main tactic for generating b2b leads. In fact, only a small fraction of enterprises use on-line means to get a sufficient amount of demand from their targeted markets.

True that the number of Internet marketers is still low (even though it has the capability of generating free leads), others would still prefer a more direct approach to their marketing. For instance, one of the more capable methods to do lead generation and b2b appointment setting as of late is outsourcing to a notable telemarketing call center.

Now that almost everything has gone digital, let us not forget some of the more effective means in marketing. Through outsourced telemarketing services, you can acquire the aid professional cold calling agents that make sure you get the right business leads and sales appointments for your campaign. Such professionals are constantly trained in order to give you prospects that are decision makers of their own organization. In other words, they can bypass gatekeepers with a great success rate.

To cut things short, do not forget that on-line lead generation is the sole method to generate quality leads. Contact a professional and reliable telemarketing firm today in order to know what other benefits you can attain from outsourcing to their services.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Combine Lead Generation Methods

Finding the right path to business success is sometimes, if not always, a hard and demeaning task to accomplish. If finding one method for generating quality b2b leads is hard enough, then what about looking for two methods to get such leads; or even three?

We must acknowledge the fact that there is not one, true single way to get these leads. For instance, one can implement Internet marketing means such as posting on social networking sites and posting videos on Youtube. Businesses can then mix an online lead generation method by getting the services of highly trained professionals in lead generation companies.

Question is, how can one combine these methods effectively?

If one marketing niche for lead generation and appointment setting is not enough for you then you can combine these methods to form a more powerful campaign. To do this, you can hire and train seasoned Internet marketing professionals to do the online part of your campaign. After which, you can hire the services of telemarketing companies to implement your offline part of your marketing course. Both marketing techniques will then be handled by professionals highly trained in their specific niche in letting your business generate your desired b2b leads.

Implementing two methods for your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign will allow one's business to increase the acquisition of financial success to a great degree. Such accomplishment can also be acquired in a shorter amount of time since there are now more hands working on the task.